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NameAugust Wilhelm Hupel
SummaryAugust Wilhelm Hupel (1737 - 1819) - pastor, historian, folklorist and folklore collector. The representative of the Enlightenment, prepared several works for the education of Estonians in Estonian, as well as several editions of scientific discoveries in German. He secured his place in Latvian cultural history as a researcher of historical and folk traditions, as well as a contributor of folk songs to the German philosopher J.G. Herder.
Personal informationAugust Wilhelm Hupel (1737 - 1819) - pastor, historian, folklorist and folklore collector. He was J. G. Herder's associate; in response to his request in 1777, Hupel organized folk songs collection (mostly in Vidzeme), involved local clergy, and other representatives of Baltic German community.

In 1818 he was awarded a doctoral degree in theology.
WorkLiterary and linguistic activities
1774 - 1782: 3 volumes of the "Topographische Nachrichten von Lief- und Ehstland" (Topographical news on the Livonian and Estonian lands).The second volume focused on to the customs and traditions of the Latvian and Estonian folk, including music: Hupel described the polyphonic singing, the role of improvisation in folk music, and some musical instruments such as kokle, bagpipes, etc. He prepared the notations of two Latvian folk tunes; one of them is considered to be the oldest published sun-worshiping song tune;
1780: "Ehstnische Sprachlehre für beide Hauptdialekte, den revalschen und den dörptschen; nebst einem vollständingen Wörterbuch" (Estonian language teaching aid for the two main dialects, Revel and Tallinn; complemented by a dictionary). It was printed twice - in Riga in 1780 and in Jelgava in 1818;
1781 - 1798: prepares for publication a series of scholarly and popular scientific articles on the Baltic, its history, geography, anthropology, culture "Nordische Miscellaneen" (1781-1791) - 28 volumes and "Neue Nordische Miscellaneen" (1792-1798) in 18 volumes is follow-up edition.

1777: Hupel is one of those, who, in response to the German philosopher J.G.Herder's call, organized Latvian folk songs collection, mainly involving local clergy. Having received the texts, he sent them to J.G. Herder to Germany, together with his own collection of Estonian songs, and translated the texts into German. (The collection and description of the folk songs sent to J.G. Herder can be found here.)
QuotationsA.W. Hupel on Latvians and Estonians in "Topographische Nachrichten von Lief- und Ehstland":
"They find a great deal of their entertainment in singing and music. Singing is really a women's task; there are special women to sing at weddings; however, men also step in as soon as the drink makes pleasure absolute In the field, in their games, etc. only girls with shrieks of sings, thus expressing their general satisfaction. Some have good voices and rich natural gifts for singing, but more so among Estonians than Latvians. "
Translated from Berzins L. Greznas dziesmas. Rīga: Zinātne, 2007, pp. 77
Occupationsfolklore researcher
folklore collector
Birth time/place25.02.1737
Buttelstedt, Thuringia, Germany
Education1748 – 1754
Veimāras klasiskā ģimnāzija
Veimāras klasiskā ģimnāzija

He was accepted at once in Form 2 of Valmiera (classical) grammar school.

1754 – 1757
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Jena, Thuringia, Germany

He studied theology, mathematics and science.

Working place1757 – 1760


1760 – 1763
Ķipēnu muiža
Pociems, Katvaru pagasts, Limbažu novads

Pastor at Ķipēni.

1763 – 1804
Lutheran congregation in Põltsamaa
Peltsamas Sv. Nikolaja luterāņu baznīca
Lossi 3, Poltsama, Igaunija

1804 – 1819
Paides evanģēliski luteriskā draudze
Paides Svētā krusta baznīca
Paide, Järva maakond, Igaunija
Place/time of death18.01.1819
Paide, Järva County, Estonia
Reopalu kapsēta
Ristiku 19, Paide, Järva County, Estonia
Reopalu kapsēta
Ristiku 19, Paide, Järva County, Estonia

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#LocationDateTypeType of place
(Buttelstedt, Thuringia, Germany)
25.02.1737Birth time/placeCity
(Paide, Järva County, Estonia)
18.01.1819Place/time of deathCity
3Reopalu kapsēta
(Ristiku 19, Paide, Järva County, Estonia)
4Veimāras klasiskā ģimnāzija1748 - 1754EducationBuilding, house
(Jena, Thuringia, Germany)
1754 - 1757EducationCity
1757 - 1760Working placeCity
7Peltsamas Sv. Nikolaja luterāņu baznīca
(Lossi 3, Poltsama, Igaunija)
1763 - 1804Working placeChurch
8Ķipēnu muiža
(Pociems, Katvaru pagasts, Limbažu novads)
1760 - 1763Working placeManor house
9Paides Svētā krusta baznīca
(Paide, Järva maakond, Igaunija)
1804 - 1819Working placeChurch
10Reopalu kapsēta
(Ristiku 19, Paide, Järva County, Estonia)

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