Stroika With a London View

CollectionAustin Macauley Publishers
Original workStroika ar skatu uz Londonu
TitleStroika With a London View (English)
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A clumsy wannabe rock star from an obscure Eastern European country decides to sort out his dire financial situation by taking up carpentry in the Land of Milk and Honey, aka the UK. London might be his love at first sight, yet a love unrequited. No money + no business visa + no English + no job skills = no job. Food comes from rubbish bins, rent money from busking. Things are rough. When his first carpentry assignment comes, it is to hide a corpse in concrete, and it only gets rougher from here…
Title in original languageStroika ar skatu uz Londonu (Latvian)
PublisherAustin Macauley Publishers
Work typetranslation
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Publishing year/ place2019
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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(London, Greater London, United Kingdom)
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