About the project

Supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF), researchers from the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia (ILFA) are creating an informative online resource about Latvian literature – literatura.lv. The website tracks and records the newest developments in Latvian literature and provides a reliable database of literary professionals and literary works (encompassing the time period between the 16th century and the present day).

The database of literatura.lv is regularly updated with the latest information about new publications of Latvian literature and current events (readings, conferences, exhibitions, seminars etc.) concerning Latvian literature in Latvia and abroad.

All readers of literature – be it schoolchildren, university students, or tenured scholars – are welcome to use the various search options in order to find information about Latvian literature, specific authors or specific works, biographical data or places, and to discover Latvian literature in new cultural, factual, social contexts and relations.

The website is based on existing research, done by literary scholars at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia (directories of various publications, biographies of authors and other people working within the field, monographs etc.).

The literatura.lv team:

Project leader: Eva Eglāja-Kristsone

Digital solution development: Ainars Brūvelis, Sanita Reinsone

Programming: Uldis Ķirsis and SEED IT team

Editors-in-chief: Madara Eversone, Signe Raudive

Editors: Inguna Daukste-Silasproģe, Māra Grudule, Ieva E. Kalniņa, Zita Kārkla, Ilze Ļaksa-Timinska, Jānis Oga, Ivars Šteinbergs

Previous editors: Benedikts Kalnačs, Katrīna Kūkoja, Artis Ostups, Madara Skudra, Arturs Skutelis


Address: LU Literatūras, folkloras un mākslas institūts, Mūkusalas iela 3, Rīga, LV-1423

E-mail: literatura@lulfmi.lv

The project is supported by:




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