The International Drama Contest "Talking about Borders"


The International Drama Contest and Festival TALKING ABOUT BORDERS is an annual event established

in 2005 for countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

For 2017/2018 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be the partner countries for both, the contest and

the festival. TALKING ABOUT BORDERS is one of the most renowned and established drama contests

in Eastern Europe. Authors in the partnering countries are invited to send in their plays, out of

which a jury of cultural professionals and experts will nominate a winner who will be given a prize of

3.500 €, a professional translation into German language, as well as a granted debut performance at

the Theater Regensburg in the season 2018/2019.

In the course of the award ceremony at the State Theatre Nuremberg the play will be officially presented as a scenic reading in the presence of the author, who will be invited (travel & accommodation paid) to participate in the ceremony and to receive the award. Additionally, there are two more prizes awarded. The 2nd prize is awarded with 2.000 €. The 3rd prize is awarded with 1.500 €.

The International Drama Competition TALKING ABOUT BORDERS is hosted by the State Theatre Nuremberg, supported by Datev, and realized in cooperation with different local partners in the three partner countries.

Conditions of participation

All persons who live in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, who are born, have the citizenship or have lived at least fifteen years in the area of today’s states are invited to submit a play. The play must be written in Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian language. In addition to the original play, an English or German working translation must be submitted. This version is needed for administrational purposes only.

Every author may submit one text only. The play must not be published (not even in a magazine) or performed yet (also no public reading). The play should deal with the contest’s theme “Talking About Borders: The Life Experience in Times of Societal Changes”. It must be possible to perform the play with maximum five actors. There is no minimum of actors. The text submitted should be a full play (minimum of 70 minutes of duration).


All participants cede rights to the organizers described as follows: The non-exclusive, unlimited right to translate and publish the play without remuneration, for example within an anthology.

The participants agree on the following conditions for the awarded dramas:

The authors cede the exclusive right to translate and publish their awarded dramas to the organizers for duration of one year starting with the acceptance of the award.

The authors cede the exclusive rights for staging their awarded plays for a maximum duration of two years and a maximum run of 14 public shows.

The winners agree to receive no further financial remuneration next to the awarded prices of EUR 3.500,-, EUR 2.000,- & EUR 1.500,-.


Submission must be made before the 15th of April 2018. (The texts must arrive on 15th of April 2018.)

The following documents are needed:

1. play in original language

2. play in an English or German version

3. first information about the author (curriculum vitae) in English or German

4. a copy (scan) of these general agreements (English version) signed by the author

Please submit your play by email or mail, by mail to this address (subject matter: Drama Contest): Christian Papke, Staatstheater Nürnberg, Richard-Wagner-Platz 2, 90443 Nürnberg, Germany

The organizers want to strongly encourage the authors to submit by email:

More information about the State Theatre Nuremberg and the contest can be found in German or English language under the following link (click on „Wettbewerbe“).

We cannot accept reclamations concerning lost documents. Submitted documents are not to be returned.

Awarding and Jurisdiction

All submitted plays will be handed over in an anonymized form to the international jury. The jury consists of six professional members, three of which will be of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian nationality (1+1+1). June 2018 the jury will officially announce the winners in a press conference. The jury will elaborate its decision within an appropriate written voting. The decision process will not be discussed in public. The jury’s decision is final. In case of any differences concerning author’s rights, translation, publication or staging the participants agree on German jurisdiction and the responsibility of the courts of the city Nuremberg.

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