Inese Zandere's Books about the Adventures of Shammies Now Available for Children in Estonian and Arabic


Latvian author Ineses Zandere’s stories about Shammies, made especially vivid and unique with the wonderful illustrations by Reinis Pētersons, are loved by children in Latvia and abroad. In 2016, the first of the stories “How the Shammies Swapped” (2011, Liels un Mazs) was published in Estonia, and in 2017 “Shammies' Morning” (2015, Liels un Mazs) became available in Arabic.

The first book in the “Shammies” series “How the Shammies Swapped” gained wide-spread popularity and appreciation among the readers in Latvia. Last year, this book reached Estonian readers thanks to the Margus Konnula’s translation, published by Lumemana OÜ with the title “Näpsud teevad vahetust”. And, since early this year, also Arabic speaking children can enjoy the adventures of Shammies in “Shammies' Morning”, Zein Idriss’ translation published by Arab Scientific Publishers.

“Shammies” is about four kids made of fabric – Sockie, Hankie, Mitten and Pillow who live together with the Cat in a pretty fabric house and explore the world around them. The project features a series of short films and books. ‘The Shammies’ Morning’ is the story of the difficult jobs that the Shammies have to face every morning: how do you wake up yourself and awaken the light? How do you sit down by the table if the chairs feel like galloping and twirling around? Is it better to behave like a sparrow or like a little goat? The story can be published like three separate picture books: ‘How the Shammies Woke Up’, ‘How the Shammies Behaved’ and ‘How the Shammies Sat Down by the Table’. In 2015, the colourful adventures of Shammies were animated in six short films created by Edmunds Jansons. The ‘Shammies’ project has received several awards in China, Latvia and the USA. Films about the Shammies have been selected for 40 festivals all over the world. The Shammies have their own web page -, where you can find the curious heroes of the stories, and watch the Shammies short animations.


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