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1Inga ĀbeleInga Ābele04.12.2019

Inga Ābele (1972), a prose writer, poet and playwright, one of the most significant Latvian writers of her generation due to her unique style, richness of language, powerful images and portrayal of human psychology. Read more


Aspazija (Elza Johanna Emilija Lizete Pliekšāne,1865–1943), a poet and playwright. In her plays she reflected upon woman's struggle against prejudice and her right to self-determination. Together with her husband – poet and playwright Rainis, they are now considered among the most influential figures in Latvian culture. Read more

3COMING SOON: new story collection by Jānis JoņevsCOMING SOON: new story collection by Jānis Joņevs02.12.2019

Jānis Joņevs (1980) is a prose writer. His first novel "Jelgava '94" is set in Jelgava town in 1994 and focuses on a generation which experienced their youth in the nineties when Latvia had just regained independence. Read more

4Rūdolfs BlaumanisRūdolfs Blaumanis01.12.2019

Rūdolfs Blaumanis (1862–1908), a Latvian writer, journalist and playwright, the most notable Latvian writer of late 19th and early 20th century, and is regarded as a Latvian literary classic. A master of Latvian realism, he is known for his plays, poems, and translations, as well as for his journalistic work. Read more

5COMING SOON: Alberts Bels "Insomnia"COMING SOON: Alberts Bels "Insomnia"11.11.2019

Originally written in 1967 and not released in its uncensored form until 2003, Bels’ infamous novel, Insomnia (translated from the Latvian, Bezmiegs) concerns the taboo subject of the Latvian Legion, and the atmosphere of inertia and paralysis in Soviet-era Latvia. Insomnia is part of the Parthian Baltic project which was launched on time for the London Book Fair 2018. Will be released in November 2019. Read more

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