Competition Results for Publishing Latvian Original Literary Works Abroad

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On 10th of March, the Commission of experts gathered and assessed applications from foreign publishers for publishing literary works of Latvian authors abroad. The competition is financed by the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) and by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Latvia.

The Commission is composed of five experts: literary agent Žanete Vēvere-Paskvalīni, author and chairman of Latvian Writer`s Union Arno Jundze, translator Maima Grinberga, editor Vents Zvaignze, specialist in literature Eva Eglāja-Kristsone,

In total, 19 project proposals from foreign publishers for publishing literary works of Latvian authors abroad were submitted. The commission of expert supported 3 projects for the publishing Latvian authors in English language and 8 projects for the publishing Latvian authors in other languages (3 projects from SCCF resources and 5 – of the Ministry of culture). Please see the list of supported projects below.

Next context will be announced in April 2017.

PublisherLiterary workLanguageAuthorFinancial sourceSUPPORTED
Vernatun Media LLCLatviešu brīnumpasakasARMseveralSCCF 3 350,00
Esdrujula edicionesTētisSPKārlis VērdiņšMinistry of Culture 3 522,50
IperboreaMiesas krāsas dominoITZigmunds SkujiņšMinistry of Culture 6 127,50
TOV KROKDzejas izlaseUKRMāris SalējsSCCF 1 800,00
V.B.Z.Jelgava 94CHROJānis JoņevsSCCF 2 750,00
Valparasio edizinoneDzejas izlaseSPArvis VigulsMinistry of Culture 2 575,00
VolandMātes piensITNora IkstenaMinistry of Culture 3 770,00
Antolog booksMātes piensMACNora IkstenaMinistry of Culture 2 500,00
TOTAL: 26 395,00
Book Island LimitedTrīs draugi vienas upes krastāENGInese ZandereMinistry of Culture 9 800,00
Peirene PressMātes piensENGNora IkstenaMinistry of Culture 5 740,00
Wracking ball PressJelgava 94ENGJānis JoņevsMinistry of Culture 7 300,00
TOTAL: 22 840,00


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