Nora Ikstena: Soviet Milk. Book opening

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Novel "Soviet Milk", written by Latvian author Nora Ikstena, has been translated to English and published by "Peirene Press". To celebrate this event, we invite everyone to a book presentation and meeting with the author on March 7 at 7pm at Robert's Books, where the book shall be in stock afterwards.

The novel "Soviet Milk" follows the fates of three women of different generations in the Soviet-ruled Baltics during 70-ies and 80-ies. The protagonists of the story have to cope with denial: being denied a husband and a father, being denied hopes and dreams, being denied work and beliefs, friends and loved ones. Throughout all the pain these women suffers, forgiveness comes forward as a crucial motive. It is what a daughter is tasked with from childhood in order to preserve the life of a mother that has denied the daughter her milk so that the child does not inherit mother's pain and despair.

Nora Ikstena (1969) is one of the most popular modern Latvian authors. She has risen to fame for her novels and biographies, as well as other work in literature. Her 2015 novel "Soviet Milk" now has been translated in ten languages. Ikstena has been awarded the Order of the Three Stars, the highest state decoration in Latvia.

On the 7th of March, we await all guests at 7pm. Free entrance.

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